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It works on the level of healing, both physical and mental.

Believe it or not, the female vagina actually stores traumas, emotions and all sorts of things. All our body parts do, according to Somatic Psychology. What makes the Yoni particularly interesting for working on this is its natural potential for sensitivity and pleasure in this connection.

In practice this means that the practitioner will encounter, with the receiver’s feedback, numb areas, painful areas, or otherwise tense spots inside the vagina. Working on those areas, massaging them, will have surprising effects.

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It’s not uncommon for clients to experience intense emotional release in the form of laughter or crying. Some even report flashbacks into their past – including traumatic and deeply buried situations.

It never fails to amaze me how strong the aspect of emotional healing can be during Yoni Massage. The healing can continue for days afterward releasing those stuck emotions. Clients tell me how wonderful and empowering this can be!

While I’ve talked about emotional healing so far, the effects of Yoni Massage are also physically beneficial. All the emotional clearance will have its positive effect on the physical body too. Long term annoying conditions are often seen to fade away and disappear altogether for some clients.

Happily there is solid evidence that the common and unfortunate experience of pain during lovemaking eventually gets less and less over time when practicing Yoni Massage. Menopause dryness can be overcome for many clients by practicing what they learn during their massage.

You may have seen during your research that some practitioners claim a link to reducing the risks of cancer, but I add there is no medical evidence for this. It has been shown that men who ejaculate regularly are at less risk of getting prostate cancer, but there is no medical proof there is any connection with female orgasm and keeping cancer at bay.


It Works on a Spiritual Level.

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I do realise that some of you will be sceptical of the following information, but it’s impossible not to include spirituality in details of Yoni Massage. Yoni Massage comes from Tantra, and Tantra is a way (not a religion!) for reaching enlightenment. It really is as simple as that. Tantra is not about sexual pleasure as many people believe, sexual fulfillment is just one of it's many tools.

So looking at Yoni Massage specifically from a Tantric point of view, the goal is making another step towards enlightenment which can help with simply improving with the practice of mindfulness, meditation and even yoga.

The spiritual effects of this practice are that the sexual energies are “spiritualised”.

Yoni Massage has a strong sublimation effect, which means energies are moved from the Sexual Chakra towards higher energy centers. This includes the very common effect of the receiver feeling very spaced out after a session.

Next to these esoteric effects, one can also claim that the deep experience of going through emotional release with such intensity frees the mind.


It Works on a Pleasure level too!

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Let's not be ashamed of the fact that although the goal of Yoni Massage is not an orgasm, it will generally end giving the receiver an intense and prolonged amount of physical pleasure.

A great many women in our modern world, due to stress in daily life, little exercise, emotional tension and for other physical and psychological reasons, cannot orgasm easily or often have never had a true orgasm at all.

Yoni massage offers a way to learn how to orgasm, or how to increase the existing orgasmic sensation. Step by step the receiver is guided deeper into the pleasure. By learning to let go, and by consistent knocking on the doors to deep orgasms. A great many clients tell me that they have always believed there is a much bigger larger orgasm waiting under the small ones, if only they could get past them. They are correct, their instinct is true and this is the way to arrive at that total pleasure.

Please take note here, that by “deeper orgasms” I am referring primarily to vaginal orgasms. The normal clitoral orgasm is considered to be comparably shallow in Tantric terms, especially when being compared to vaginal orgasms.

Yoni Massage is particularly helpful in going from none or only clitoral orgasms towards vaginal, full-body orgasms and multiple orgasms.

Yes this is more often than not the outcome for clients.

The Facts.

A Tactile Worship Ritual.

It is a full body oil massage which includes the female genitals. It’s performed in a sacred and safe environment on a woman. The sexual energy (female energy) and presence (masculine energy) are awakened.

A Prepared and Deliberate Technique.

It includes around 1 hour full body relaxing warm up (skipping the genitals), followed by vaginal massage (meaning the relaxation and activation of the outer lips, inner lips, clitoris, perineal sponge, hymen, G-spot, vaginal canal, and cervix.

Ecstatic Transformational and sometimes Cathartic

It’s a liberating ecstatic experience that takes the receiver into another realm of pleasure. It includes the masculine and feminine energies, which means it’s a dance between relaxation and stimulation of the body and energies.

Goal Orientated?

The purpose is not to make a woman orgasm (even though most usually do). It certainly can have intentions, like increasing pleasure, and have healing and/or spiritual effects. However it is important to approach it with a mind-set of openness for whatever is about to happen. Instead of having precise expectations.

Finally what's in it for you?

As a receiver you will learn how to fully let go of your body tensions and any limitations that are in the way of expanding your sexual potential. You will learn how to deal with your mind (which might usually be what distracts you.).

You will also learn that you can feel your Yoni more consciously, which means that you will understand her anatomy better, learn where your orgasmic zones are. You’ll become more aligned with your boundaries and by knowing them you will actually know what you need and what you don’t.

What if you're Gay?

Practitioners have discovered over many years practice that even though Yoni Massage is not fully sexual it is best practiced with giver and receiver of the same sexual orientation. So a man giver for a heterosexual woman and a women giver for a gay women.

I hope that has answered any questions you may have had, but if you are still nervous, or have further questions please use the contact form. If you wish to book then please again visit the contact page for full details.

If you have not read the About please please do as this explains the full experience in complete detail.

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