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Why is Yoni Massage so beneficial?

I am often asked how I discovered the benefits of providing Yoni Massage for my clients? The proof of the benefit became obvious to me within my practice as a therapist..

Why you need a Trained Tantric Therapist?

To start at the beginning I never offer a Yoni massage on its own, a Yoni massage is a part of a Tantric massage, it’s not a separate massage.

The Tantric massage I perform is the whole experience, a progressive journey through your whole body and different stages of sexual energy. The actual Yoni massage is a part of this experience, where I focus on the vagina specifically. For example, you could receive 1.5 hours of Tantric massage, of which the last 30 minutes will be the Yoni massage.

Some of the problems that can be overcome include
Painful or Inhibited Intercourse: including vaginismus
Pre-orgasmia: difficulty reaching orgasm
Low Sexual Desire:

I will not perform the Yoni massage directly on the vagina without the whole Tantric massage build up. It will not be comfortable, certainly not effective or useful.

The patient needs to understand the specific Yoni massage is a Tantric technique inside the vagina. It is not so much a massage as an experience. It is a combination of a special Tantric touch and technique I use, and your own special mental and emotional connection that we create together during the massage. This method uses a special healing and empowering touch inside the vagina. It is not just any touching of the vagina, it is a special technique.

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Specifically it is intended to awaken your vagina in deeper dimensions than the usual stimulation. It creates a special nourishing and expansive sexual energy in the vagina. Finally it connects you to your vagina physically, emotionally and spiritually

As a qualified therapist I know your body is not a machine, so the Yoni massage is not just about receiving the right touch. You need to learn how to deeply connect with your sexuality. Every woman needs to learn this conscious connection. Then you will greatly enhance your flow of sexual energy in the vagina.

A vast majority of women don’t know these techniques. An essential part of any Yoni massage is that I will guide you and teach you how to connect yourself. As a result of combining all these techniques, you achieve a certain flourishing of sexual energy in the vagina. That quality of sexual energy heals your vagina, empowers it, and feeds your whole being with profound nourishment.

The purpose of the Yoni massage is not just for you to get an interesting experience in my hands, but also to learn how to create that special sexual energy on your own, so that you can continue this unfolding. It is best not think of the Yoni massage as a form of therapy as this puts you into a passive mindset. It is about empowering your own ability.

I discovered that the Tantric way allowed my patients to find the release they needed to fully enjoy sex again, or for the first time. In fact it also works for those with a medical condition that makes intercourse painful and when carried out correctly seems to bring relief to most that are willing to be open to the experience.

The wonderful result in most cases is the healing will naturally happen through this empowerment.

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